Nazarlik Azul
Nazarlik Azul
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Nazarlik Azul

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Throughout Greece, Armenia, Syria, Lebenon, Turkey & North Africa lies an ardent and widespread belief that a jealous stare holds the power to inflict misfortune. It’s no surprise that the people of these ancient civilizations sought out a means to repel it, which led to the earliest iterations of the nazarlik amulets that we know today. Just how far back do these go? “The earliest version of evil eye amulets goes back to 3,300 BC,” “The amulets had been excavated in Tell Brak, one of the oldest cities of Mesopotamia – modern day Syria. They were in the form of some abstract alabaster idols made with incised eyes.”

& so, using diamond faceted Blue Corundum stones, i've created these dainty chandeliers (which remind me so much of Nazarliks/evil eye protection). Blue Corundum is a tranquil stone that encourages you to seek after spiritual truth. It is traditionally associated with purity & love.

Other healing properties of Blue Corundum include:

  • extremely effective for earth and Chakra healing
  • helps you to stay on the spiritual path
  • transmutes negative energies
  • opens and heals your Throat Chakra and thyroid
  • helps you to express yourself and speak your own truth