Hidden Windows Ring

While traveling, living & teaching in India, Nepal & Turkey, I became facinated by Harem windows! I was so inspired by these intricatly carved screens (wherein women would congregate in hammams & music halls.....'Naive & romantic visions' of little packs of women 'spying on you' from behind their threaded windows!)... .....A "jaali",  is the term for a latticed screen or window, usually with an ornamental pattern & constructed through the use of calligraphy and geometry. This form of architectural decoration is common in Hindu temple architecture, & Indo-Islamic Architecture (seen in palaces/ great estates). The intricate shadows and designs these windows would purposefully cast on the 'outsider's floor' always seemed quite flirtatious and playful to me.... "you cannot come behind this screen and see me, but here, let me splash out something utterly GORGEOUS on the floor in front of you, (as a teasing- reminder that YOU CANNOT COME IN" I am so excited to introduce this design to you (which was a very meaningful collaboration w. my longtime mentor). Inspired by my beloved Harem windows, I love the intricate & shadows they cast ! This is completely handcarved (a method of hand fabrication that meticulously cuts out the metal). I've added two models, in both diamond faceted black onyx and emeralds! The result is so unique !